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June TEFL International Barcelona Graduate Profile

"HappyWeek" Equals Happy Life for One TEFL International Barcelona Graduate

If I had to describe this month´s featured TEFL International Barcelona graduate, Cristina Georgoulaki, in one word, it would have to be “Do-er.”

Cristina Georgoulaki is a “Do-er.”

Cristina Georgoulaki does things.

The last 5 years of her life reads like a check list for someone who knows what they want and are not afraid to go after it:

  • Start at multi-media/photography business in Florida in her early-twenties: Check

  • Move to Barcelona to get certified to teach English at TEFL International Barcelona: Check

  • Travel around Europe and teach English for a few years: Check

  • Get a masters in International Business: Check

  • Become a Communication/Business Development Coach for small businesses and entrepreneurs: Check

And most recently, and the focus of today´s interview is her latest project, her new role as International Marketing and Content Manager for the board game “HappyWeek”: one-of-a-kind game for couples that is about creating happy moments together that turn into unforgettable memories.

How Cristina got the job describes her personality to a "T".

She went to an entrepreneur networking event and talked the creators of the game into developing the game in English and hiring her to adapt the game for the English-speaking market in order to sell the game internationally.

If you want a job, make one.

Did I mention that Cristina was a “Do-er”?

I sat down with Cristina to discuss the game and I can see why she was “all-in” to create and market “HappyWeek” to a broader audience.

Michael: How did “HappyWeek” come about?

Cristina: “HappyWeek” was developed by a couple, Pilar Puig Sàrries and Tito Español Gamó, who felt that they needed to re-light the spark in their relationship and do more things together as a couple.

It is very motivating to work with people who are taking control of their relationship and “HappyWeek” is the result of their fight to keep the fire burning.., so to speak

Michael: What attracted you to the project?

Cristina: I whole-heartily believe in the game!

The concept is incredibly original, inspirational, and there is nothing like it on the market.

Relationships are hard work, but that does not mean sustaining a lasting-relationship cannot be fun and exciting.

We want couples to fall in love all over again, with the magic of “HappyWeek”.

If I can play a part in helping couples create unforgettable happy moments together, I cannot think of a more full-filling job.

Also the team I am working with is unreal. In addition to the creators, Pilar and Tito, we are working with: Sílvia Trull Morlan, a very respected designer, who has brought the sentiment of the game to life with her incredible design of the game.......and to round out the team: Mar Puigmartí, a brilliant couples therapist, who has devoted many hours to creating the activities (dates) in "Happy Week" to ensure that they promote all the key areas of happy healthy relationships.

I guess it is why most people accept a job: the opportunity, the feeling and the people.

Michael: The million dollar question, can you tell us about how the game is played?

Cristina: The whole premise of the game is built on creating and sharing unforgettable moments with your partner.

We provide 40 pre-planned activities (20 for each partner to prepare for the other).

All activities have been created by a couples therapist.

Each activity is divided into three levels that range from low to high intensity / bravery / “dare deviltry”.

Each “activity” (date) is represented by a “Secret Clue” card so your partner gets a little hint of what’s to come.

Now, we can’t give away all our secrets because we don’t want to ruin the surprise for you or your partner......but here’s a little taste: sensuality, intimacy, communication and fun are just some of the key factors considered when designing each of these activities.

You have to check out the website to learn more about the "activities".

Michael: What makes “HappyWeek” work?

Cristina: I think anyone who has ever been in a relationship can relate to the game and the story behind it.

The magic is in the details.

Each activity has been carefully planned and concocted by Mar, “HappyWeek’s” brilliant Couples Psychologist, along with the collaboration of other prominent professionals in the sector – sexologists, sex therapists, couples therapists, and marriage counselors (and yes, there is a difference between all of these).

Michael: What is your primary role?

Cristina: The easy answer is I am responsible for the international marketing and US adaptation of the game. This consists of many responsibilities from creating and managing the social media content, to creating/managing and supervising the crowd-funding campaign, to translating and adapting the game for the US market.

Michael: What has been your biggest challenge?

Cristina: Each responsibility poses their own challenges, but interestingly enough the translation of the game took much more time than I had anticipated, for numerous reasons - cultural differences in writing styles (structurally), subtext of language, as well as what is viewed as “romantic” in different cultures.

For example Spaniards typically write and speak in long sentences and with very “flowery” language…

We speak in much shorter sentences and in a much more direct manner. So in order to create a game that people in the US would take seriously we had to create new activities that they can relate to and enjoy.

Michael: What have you learned by working on “HappyWeek”?

Cristina: Working on projects for me is an opportunity to learn new things, work with interesting people and to step out of my comfort zone.

By working on "HappyWeek" I have become very versed in the social media world and I get to improve my social media skill set by working on a project I am incredibly passionate about.

Michael: Where are you in the process of launching the game in the US?

Cristina: The final website is now up and running and all the social media outlets are in motion, now for the fun part in spreading the word.

Michael: Many doors have opened for you or you have opened since you took the TEFL International Barcelona certification course, back in 2011.

Any advice for new people moving abroad or are thinking about teaching English abroad? How has teaching played a part in your life abroad?

Cristina: The best part about teaching is it allows you time to pursue other projects. I wanted a lifestyle where I could work with interesting people and have time to pursue my personal interests. Teaching English allows me to do that. Over the last year, I have transitioned into a Business Development and Communication Coach, but teaching English played a big part in providing the flexibility I was looking for while I figured out what direction I was going to go next.

Michael: Last question, where can people get "HappyWeek"?

Cristina: Check out the website and feel free to join our “HappyWeeks Social Media Family” for all new and exciting updates that are coming our way this summer!

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