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Yes, it's finally happened!

Most of you who have done the course with us over the last few months will know that this has been a long time coming. We were in Calle Rocafort for 10 years, but in the end, we needed more space and decided it was time to get our own place. We spent 18 months hunting for the right place and finally found it, here. We are in a gorgeous Modernist building on C/ Consell de Cent 417-419, 1º, 2ª 08009 Barcelona. Right on the corner of Bailen, next to Paseo Sant Joan. It is such a beautiful neighbourhood we are all really looking forward to really getting to know it. I'm already delighted because I've found a really good Indian restaurant 1 minute away from the school!

So, come and see us! It really is worth seeing. We have SO much room, all to ourselves..AND the windows all open!!

We will be having a party to celebrate once we've finished unpacking the last of the watch this space! You will all be invited!

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