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This 20 hour (12 hours in class & 8 hours online) course is designed for both newly qualified and practising teachers who wish to learn more about this specialised field.


This course will improve your job prospects and provide you with the knowledge and skills to confidently teach in a business setting.


Giving in-company classes and teaching Business English can be very different to teaching General English to students in an academy. Learners often have very specific reasons for learning English and teachers are required to develop specific materials and tasks to fit the business needs of the organization where they are teaching.


This practical course takes away the mystery of Business English. It shows participants how to design a programme of study for their learners that will give them the skills they need to do their job in English. It provides an overview of the main trends in business and gives teachers practical ideas on how to teach essential Business English skills.


The main themes covered in the course are:

  • Teaching telephoning and emails

  • Teaching presentation skills

  • Teaching negotiation skills

  • Teaching one to one classes

  • Telephone classes and blended learning


In addition to the business themes we will also cover:

  • Needs analysis/planning a course

  • The culture of in-company classes

  • Course books and other materials

  • Authentic materials and tasks & multimedia in business English

  • Motivating students and keeping them engaged


Our job guidance guy, Michael, will be teaching this course. He has been working at TEFL International Barcelona for 5 years and during that time he has taught business seminars for government agencies and multi-national companies.


NB: These courses are only run if we have sufficient participants.

Business Extension Course

Application Process


To apply for either the Teaching Business English or Teaching Young Learners Extension Courses please contact us, including a brief summary of your experience and qualifications and reasons for wanting to take the particular Extension Course/s.


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