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Teach English in One of the World´s Premiere Destinations

It is very hard to exaggerate Barcelona. With a population of nearly 2 million, it is big enough to offer the widest range of choices in arts, culture and entertainment but small enough to find your way around. Catalonia's capital sparkles with vibrant colours and intense energy.



Situated between the blue waters of the Mediterranean and the Tibidabo hills, Barcelona is on the doorstep of some of the great playgrounds and vacation retreats of Europe. The Balearic Islands (Menorca, Ibiza, Mallorca) to the east, Costa Brava (Wild Coast) and Pyrenees to the north, the Penedes wine region to the west and the Roman city of Tarragona, the monastery at Montserrat and the beautiful resort town of Sitges to the south. There is so much to explore!


What Makes Barcelona Unique

The time for Barcelona is now. It has led the region of Catalonia in a resurgence of a unique and intriguing culture, which makes it an unforgettable city to experience. It is home to some of the most visionary artists of the modern era. From the modernist spires of architect Antonio Gaudi's Sagrada Familia Cathedral to Picasso's Cubism and Dali's Surrealism, the unique Catalan perspective has had a dramatic impact on the way we see the world today.


Stroll down the main street, the Ramblas. This grand boulevard takes you from the elegance of the Plaça Catalunya right down to the sea. You will see grand opera houses, ornate churches, flower stalls, artists, street mimes, classy cafés and great shopping. Visit the lively produce market to see an explosion of fresh products and colours. Try a 'tortilla espanola' (potato omelette) and a café con leche in the market café.


Wander deep into the bohemian Gothic quarter, a tangled mix of seemingly undiscovered and grand squares, schoolyard plazas, art nouveau storefronts, baby flea markets, musty and classy antique shops and balconies with jungles behind wrought iron bars. The centrepiece of the Gothic Quarter is its colossal cathedral, a fine example of Catalan Gothic, started in 1300 and completed 600 years later. The Picasso Museum, far and away the best collection of Picasso's work in Spain is just nearby.



And finally, a word about Barcelona's nightlife. At times it seems that there are more clubs, cafés and bars here than anywhere else in the world. Dinner only really begins to be served after 9pm and the choice and range of cuisine is excellent. Afterwards you can pick from a thousand near perfect bars tucked away in the Gothic Quarter, trendy cafes in the Eixample district and open-air nightclubs in the Tibidabo Hills amongst other options.


With all this to offer, Barcelona is a great place to have fun. History and character, buildings with no straight lines, artists and theatre, wild festivals and an even wilder nightlife, bronzed beaches and refreshing mountains. Barcelona is a gateway - to Catalunya, to Spain, to the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees. Pack your swimsuit and your skis, your art history book and your clubbing shoes. If you're in the mood to surrender to the charms of a City, let it be in Barcelona.


TEFL in Barcelona will do everything possible to make sure you have an enjoyable time in this fantastic region. We are a small and friendly team offering you the warmest welcome and a range of social activities and excursions to suit everyone; tapas evenings, café crawls, sailing trips, skiing, windsurfing, wine tasting, beautiful beaches - we can help you arrange just about anything!


A welcome dinner at the start of the course helps ensure you get to know your fellow trainees at an early stage. Yes, the course is intensive but we do make sure you have the opportunity to get the most out of your weekends and evenings.

"It has been one of the greatest months of my life,  in probably the greatest city I have ever been to. The course was great! I signed up for the TEFL in the U.S., not knowing how it would really be. Well, this program exceeded my expectations! The staff was amazingly helpful and the students were really nice, friendly and eager to learn!”

Beth Anderson, August 2014

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