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Job Guidance

For many of you the job search is the most important aspect of the course for the mere fact that you need to work to support your dream of living abroad. Because of this we place a huge amount of focus on your job search before, during and after the course. 


During the course, the Director, Lisa, will be meeting with all of you in a group setting on 3 separate occasions to give you:

  • An overview about the various types of jobs and opportunities

  • An overview of how to find work in Barcelona, the rest of Spain and abroad

  • How to build your CV, cover letter and special tricks to get noticed by schools

  • Interview tips and follow-up advice

  • How to attract private students 

  • Where to look for work (we provide a school list, websites and various contacts to get you started)

  • Advice on teaching in various countries around the world

  • Various "Job Search Hacks" that get results


  Lisa will also be available to meet with each student on an individual basis to cover more personal concerns in more detail. Such meetings consist of:

  • Reviewing and perfecting your CV

  • How to apply to 200 schools in 8 minutes to get your name out there

  • Creating an advertisement or profile that gets attention

  • Tips to get you in the direction you WANT to go (whether that be business, general English or children's classes).


In addition to providing you with all the information needed to secure a teaching job in Barcelona or abroad, Lisa builds relationships with schools and businesses and is contacted directly to refer TEFL International Barcelona teachers.  


Our doors are always open and our relationship does not end when the course does. Lisa has connections with schools all over the world and her contact list is growing everyday so feel free to contact him for advice or to connect you with the right people in the location of your choice. If she does not have a contact, she will make one. 


"When I first decided to move to Barcelona to become an English teacher, I was pretty nervous about finding a job.  I had no previous teaching experience and no employment connections. However, thanks to the staff of TEFL International Barcelona, I had interviews lined up before I even completed the program. Not only did Mike take the time to edit my CV, but he also put me in contact with schools, businesses, and other potential employers.  

His office doors were always open to talk and he did everything he could to help make sure that I was moving in the right direction.


Even a year after graduating from TEFL, he still lets me know of any job opportunities that come up. Completing the course was the best decision I ever made and I am very thankful to have been taught by such an awesome group of people!"

Megan Maier, July 2013

TEFL Job Market

There has never been a better time to teach English in Barcelona. English is in the headlines. The Spanish economy is recovering and English is no longer an extra in schools and businesses: it is mandatory. Businesses are investing in classes for their employees so they can break into English speaking sectors to expand their businesses. Parents are investing in their childrens' education like never before and the overall rise in interest in learning English has made Barcelona a premiere destination for teaching English. 


Feel free to contact us and we can get you in contact with past trainees who will be more than happy to speak to you about their experiences and the opportunities in and around Barcelona. 


Check this website any given day to see the growing number of job opportunities that are available on a daily basis in Barcelona:


Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the job possibilities in Spain. 


"I had multiple job offers and closed on an official job a week before the course finished. Michael worked with me to create my cover letter, build my CV, prepare for interviews and land a job. With each new job offer I received I would discuss it with Michael and he guided me to choosing the right one.

He provides one on one time with each student to help meet their specific needs and through his dedicated manner and his student's best interest in mind, ensure their success."

Monica Brodeur, October 2014

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