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Sitges - Cool Day Trip

To all our November course trainees and indeed, any one else out there, you MUST make

the most of your weekends!

Weekends make it all worth while and they're not for lying in bed with a stinking hangover,

(well, maybe sometimes!) They're for getting out and DOING something. Some of you are

only in Barcelona for a short time and there is so much for you to see and do in the city

itself I know, but I really want you to get out of the city too.

I really recommend Sitges. I lived there for 10 years and it's lovely. It's a seaside town

south of Barcelona with a beautiful old citadel, lots of winding streets with cool hippy shops

and a cracking nightlife. It's also the Gay capital of Europe so is an incredibly laidback

and open town where really, anything goes. It's madly busy in Summer, but right now the

beaches are empty. There's still warmth in the Sun. I even swam a week ago!


To get there, take a train from Sants station or Passeig de Gracia. It only takes about 20

minutes by train and it's a lovely journey along the coast. If you're going in a group buy

a T10 de 3 zonas which is a 10 journey ticket that you can share around and makes the

journey under half the price.

These are great websites about Sitges:

So go on, get on that train. Maybe I'll see you in Sitges!

Lisa Girling

Course Director

TEFL International Barcelona

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