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Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

Our students love the chance to learn about our different cultures and to share information about their own culture with their teacher. I take any chance to introduce cultural references into my classes and festivals and holidays are a great opportunity.

Next week is Thanksgiving. Now, as an English woman I don't actually get to celebrate

Thanksgiving, but I thought I'd take a look about how we could incorporate it into class.

Before I do that though, one fascinating fact that made me chuckle, did you know that

the origins of Thanksgiving were in the puritans escaping from England, who brought

with them their days of Thanksgiving...but originally it was celebrated with fasting! Not so

nowadays...46 million turkeys are expected to be eaten in America this Thanksgiving. This

is NOT a good time of year to be a Turkey, what with Christmas round the corner!

Check out these websites for material for Thanksgiving classes:

Here's a great listening from Youtube:

And finally here's some great ideas for things to do with kids:

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

Lisa Girling

Course Director

TEFL International Barcelona

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