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TEFL International Barcelona Testimonials

Hear from our graduates!

TEFL International Barcelona provides high quality teacher training by engaging and knowledgeable staff. Not only was this course fun, but I am leaving with valuable skills that will make me marketable all over the world!

This has been such an amazing experience, I can't thank you all enough.

Rose Buckley

August 2015

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TEFL International Barcelona is a great place to gain real world teaching skills that you can put into practice right away!

Romel Givargis

January 2017

The course is certainly intensive but materials are excellently presented with step by step layout for success. The school is close to everything it is clean, bright and spacious. The staff are always available. Daily improvement is almost guaranteed.

Renee French

January 2017

The TEFL International Barcelona course completely transformed my thoughts about the English language. I now feel more than prepared to go out and teach. Thank you for an amazing and unforgettable month!

Macwy Phillips

October 2016

This was a great course with extremely supportive staff. I would recommend it to anyone because it gives you a great experience in teaching in a great working environment.

Jon Galler

October 2016

The school has great resources and is a really nice environment. I felt very spported by the staff and felt like I could go to them if I had a problem. They also gave very fair and useful evaluation in Teaching Practice.

Hannah Murden

October 2016

The career and teaching guidance you receive is really supportive and beneficial. The staff give you all the support you need and none of it is a gimmick. I'm so happy I made the decision to move here. There are so many opportunities to work and live in this city!

Taz Dhaliwal

October 2016

Great class! The teaching Practice is invaluable. by the end of the course i was amazed by how much I'd learned and I genuinely feel confident to teach English!

Alex Case

October 2016

Thanks for a very intensive and really wonderful course!!

"The future of the world is in the classroom"

Great and interesting course with really good practice.

Alexandra Jokic

October 2016

I really enjoyed the course and learned valuable skills. The staff were practical in thei focus and instruction. I appreciate the experience and the knowledge shares. THANK YOU!!

Lucas Ferrer

October 2016

The classes were great! I feel well prepared to begin teaching.

Peter Lianos

September 2016

I really enjoyed this course.

The teachers were very helpful and made this course interesting and engaging. Thanks for everything!!

Amy Brookhart

September 2016

I really enjoyed this course! It helped me to adjust into the city of Barcelona with amazing people surrounding me and to become the best possible teacher I can be!!

Brittany Rovner

September 2016

Great Course! Great teachers and great new friends made.

Robert Bell

I got a lot out of this course and will for sure recommend it.

Lisa runs a great school and very much cares about your experience and education.

I'm really happy I chose this school.

Hana Bajric

August 2015


I enjoyed the range of teachers and their various methods and styles. The lessons were always clear and effectively taught.

We had plenty of teaching practice which was very effective. Our students were lovely and the trainers were all very approachable.

This is an excellent course. Brilliant trainers. I feel thoroughly prepared.

Jack Owen

July 2015.

I would absolutely do it all over again!

The teachers were awesome. My classmates were great and Barcelona played the perfect host. I even learned some Spanish!

Kayla Vodacek

August 2015


I would recommend TEFL International Barcelona because this school has experienced teachers. Every day you feel the support from each one of them.

I'm really happy to be a part of it here. I've learnt so many new exciting techniques, now I'm inspired and ready to teach!

Kate Bachurine

August 2015

Very friendly and supportive team. I wasn't expecting to feel so good about doing this course when I started, I now feel confident and excited about teaching.

A BIG thank you to you all!

Armelle Sommier

August 2015


My experience with this course has exceeded all my expectations.

The instructors clearly love what they do and made me feel supported throughout the course.

Nguyen Nguyen

August 2015


The atmosphere and support from the team has been amazing. Much needed when engaging in such an adventure!

Florence de Vesvrotte

August 2015


At least as good as I thought it would be. I never imagined it would become one of the best experiences of my life. It's the real proof that a teacher is always learning and I was lucky enough to learn from the best!

Nannette Robles

August 2015


It was a great experience for me to do this course at TEFL International Barcelona. Great place and great staff.

The BEST TEFL school!

Risa Takahashi

August 2015


This course really exceeded my expectations!

Not only did I receive high-quality training, but I shared the experience with people with whom I've made life long connections, in a city that has so much to offer.

I will NEVER forget this experience.

Linsy Santiago

August 2015


If you're looking for a reputable TEFL program I would definitely recommend TEFL International Barcelona.

I'm currently preparing for a job interview and I feel very confident in my ability to teach well.

Brinne Zeiler

June 2015



Friendly instruction and a wonderful teaching environment.

Oscar Dealtry

July 2015


A great course!

I wish University had been this good!!

Christopher Brown

July 2015


I would absolutely recommend TEFL International Barcelona to other potential teachers because the tight knit environment makes for such a personalised, enriching experience. Not only will you be prepared to teach right out of the door, but you will also leave with a wonderful support system of resourceful and experienced peers.

Reilly Mahan

July 2015


I would wholeheartedly recommend this course.

The trainers are incredibly supportive throughout and you are kept busy everyday. There is a good range of students in the levels from 1-4 and you get to experience teaching class sizes from 1 – 12.

You'll have a great time, work hard and meet amazing and interesting peers who become good friends. ENJOY!

Zoe Mitchell

July 2015


I loved it!

One of the best months of my life. Great people, Brilliant, energetic and vibrant. The support is amazing

Stephen Huisman

July 2015


Don't think about it, just DO IT!!

I just want to say thank you to all of you for this wonderful experience.

Crissi Conradie

July 2015


If you study here you'll have the best trainers and you'll become an incredible teacher!

I'm really pleased with this course, and I'm really sad that it has already finished!

Daniel Warren

July 2015

The TEFL International Barcelona program is very rewarding. The program is well designed and very effective. The staff are relaxed and yet very professional. One is capable of learning an astonishing amount in a short period of time with the help of the TEFL International Trainers.

In my opinion, this program is worth every penny!

Alex Allison

June 2015


Throughout the course we had morning classes with 4 different trainers. Each one was extremely experienced and friendly. They were all happy to answer questions outside of class as well and were really supportive during lesson planning.

Xaviera Steele

June 2015


I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone considering teaching. The four weeks flew by and despite having to study grammar I had a great time!

The teachers are wonderful and enable you to leave the course with all the confidence you need to teach.

Thanks for everything, I had a fantastic time!

Jeremy Slynn

June 2015


For a 4 week course you learn so much.

Everyone here is very focussed on giving you the skills to teach. I had never taught a class in my life before this course, but now I am comfortable standing in front of a class and teaching English.

John DeLeon

June 2015


You know it was a great class when the month goes by like a flash!

A truly beneficial and incredible experience.

Adela Ulitsky

June 2015


As well as receiving extremely thorough instruction on the English language, we learned how to bring the material to life for our students. All the trainers were genuinely caring, intelligent and skilled at their craft. Plus they were good humoured and made learning enjoyable as it should be.

I loved that we had ample opportunity to practice teaching both in a classroom and in a private context.

Zoe Cunningham

June 2015


It was a really good course. I learned a lot in a short time. I would highly recommend it for all new teachers!

Hind Aljuaid

April 2015


The trainers are fantastic and the course will really help me in the future. It was a lot of hard work but well worth it!

Czarina Casio

April 2015


It has been a fantastic month. Everything I've learned will be beneficial to us in the teaching world. I wouldn't change a thing about the course.

Benjamin Ruiz de Gamboa

April 2015


All the theory you need, great teaching practice and feedback. If you want to leave the course feeling like a teacher...TEFL International Barcelona is a must!

Davinia Chang.

April 2015


TEFL International Barcelona was a great experience. I liked everything: Classes, students, wonderful trainers. This course is really helpful and interesting.

Anna Korobeynikova

April 2015


TEFL Interesting Barcelona was hands down the best investment I've ever made in myself and my future.

The course is quite intense but the very professional, charming and supportive staff is there to pull you through!

Best teachers in the Universe! Thank you!

Beata Stolnykh

April 2015


Fantastic course! It was challenging, fun and well organised. The team is balanced and very supportive.

I highly recommend this experience and TEFL International Barcelona.

Zeina Medhat

April 2015


This course is phenomenal in terms of preparing you to teach English, or any kind of teaching in general. I knew absolutely no grammar and was initially very intimidated by what we were going to learn, but by the time the course ended I felt so much more confident.

I cannot say I have had any academic experiences as enjoyable as this one.

I loved the teachers and my classmates!

Wesley Schneider

April 2015


Professional, experienced teachers and great career guidence. Time and money well spent!

The course really prepared me for going out there and starting teaching. I will be forever grateful that out of all the TEFL Certificate courses there are out there, I found my way here! Thank you so much guys!

Inga Piirsalu

March 2015


The support from the team is wonderful. Everyone is really passionate about being there and preparing us to be the best teachers we can be. Having no formal teacher training and even less grammar coming from the USA, I was a bit nervous to say the least, but the teacher trainers here are very patient and knowledgeable and helped me to feel comfortable throughout the course. They made learning the scary stuff that much easier!

I'm really glad I did this program.

Neila St. Louis

March 2015


Lisa, Jamie and the rest of the trainers are all great! They made me feel prepared for teaching in a real school. The South Korean teaching market will be a tough one, but with this training I will have an advantage.

TEFL International Barcelona helped to fully integrate me into the EFL teaching world.

No regrets!

Brittany Parsons

March 2015

I loved this class, it was awesome! I'm genuinely sad that it's over!

I can't believe haw much I have learned and grown over the past four weeks. The staff really know what they are talking about and are so willing to help and answer questions. TEFL International Barcelona provides you with a great community. The teaching experience was invaluable.

I would recommend this course to anyone!

Katie Sheild

March 2015


It was an amazing experience. We were pushed out of our comfort zone, but guided and encouraged the entire time, so it gave us a great sense of accomplishment. I learned a lot about language, grammar, how to teach and interesting random things!

The course was challenging and intense but also fun!

Maggi Asbjornsen

March 2015


If you are thinking about doing a TEFL Course I would recommend TEFL International Barcelona, because the teaschers are awesome, the city has a great vibe, the get lots of teaching practice and the students are really nice.

Don't doubt, just DO!

Ragnhild Asbjornsen

March 2015


I would recommend TEFL International Barcelona!

All the trainers are supportive and encouraging as well as the students. It is a very busy month, but I learned so much from the classes and most importantly from the teaching practice in 4 short weeks.

Mel Weiner

March 2015


Great class and teachers!

You get what you put into the course. If you make an effort the course is easily woth the money. There is so much useful info info, you're given all the tools to be successful.

The onus is on you to put it to use!

Vincent Boyle

March 2015


I would definitely recommend TEFL International Barcelona to a potential trainee because in a short period of time you can get not only theoretical knowledge but unique practical techniques, tricks from experienced trainers who love their profession. There's all the necessary equipment and materials.

During the class we had a lot of fun, maybe that's the reason the information we were given was remembered so easily and effectively!

Elena Larionova

March 2015


In this course time flies by. This experience has opened up so many opportunities for me and was much more fun than I had expected!

David Dunlop

January 2015


Great course! Quality TEFL education!

I had SUCH a great experience getting my TEFL Certification at TEFL International Barcelona. The instructors are AMAZING! If you truly want to learn how to teach, this is the course for you.

Shelby Engel

January 2015


The staff were amazing. Everyone was very supportive.

I would recommend taking the class with TEFL International Barcelona.

Siobhan Hayes

January 2015


TEFL International Barcelona has been one of my best experiences. From the people you meet when going through the course, to the teaching practice you are able to do with real students of English, this course prepares you to be a great TEFL teacher.

Melissa Butz

January 2015


TEFL International Barcelona is a really good course where you can learn how to be a teacher in a really short time. I would definitely recommend it to those people who wan to learn in a friendly and stress free environment.

Andrea Mmayans Juan

January 2015


Enrolling in TEFL International Barcelona is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The teachers did a brilliant job teaching us. The classes were great fun and useful and the in-class teaching practice and feedback was very helpful and insightful.

Laura de Zuloaga

January 2015


If you want to learn how to teach, come to TEFL International Barcelona!

Terek Hopkins

January 2015


I would definitely recommend TEFL International Barcelona to those interested in getting TEFL Certified. The in class teaching practice is very helpful.


January 2015


I would recommend TEFL International Barcelona because it is a great programme that offers authentic experience for future teachers. The course trainers are very knowledgeable and have so much experience. I feel very prepared to start my career as a TEFL Teacher!

Jen Barry

January 2015


Wonderful and well run program with educated and motivated individuals.

The best 1 month experience I've ever had!

Parker Gordon

January 2015


TEFL International Barcelona has been one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. I would recommend this course, not only for those who are planning to become language teachers, but also for those who wan to get great ideas and meet people who have a real passion for what they are doing.

A great team! Wonderful atmosphere! Very professional!

Daria Glesser

January 2015


Great school, great teachers, fantastic experience!

Barcelona was a great place to get my TEFL Certificate. I highly recommend this course.

Jessie Byers

January 2015



TEFL International Barcelona was a highly informative course. You feel comfortable going out into the English teaching world with the skills you have learned. Living in such a diverse and lively city isn´t so bad either.

Brock Ketterling

December 2014


The TEFL International Barcelona course was amazing. There teachers were welcoming and encouraging from Day 1 and continued to be helpful and motivating throughout the entire month. I have learned so much and cannot wait to begin sharing my knowledge and put what I have learned into action. The atmosphere was always fun and I met some great people. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Jojo Dieffensbacher

November 2014


The whole course was great and I was especially happy about the career guidance provided during the course. Michael played an integral part in helping me to find work. His group classes provided in-depth details for finding work locally and internationally and gave detailed breakdowns between teaching private and academy classes. He took the time to help me improve my CV and provided me with essential contacts for sending out my CV to for work. He even took the time to meet with me after the course was completed to provide me with more guidance that has helped me find work in Barcelona. I applaud Michael's work ethic and the amount of time he puts in to helping his students succeed outside of the course to find work. I continue to speak with him as I find him to be a helpful asset as a teacher and friend.

Brandon Pyser

October 2014


“TEFL exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot from the instructors and feel prepared to teach English. I also met amazing people and have friends for life”.
Lauren Hartley

August 2014

“It has been an amazing experience and I have made some really
good friends. All the trainers are very experienced and extremely
helpful. It has been one of the best experiences of my life!”
Anusha Marianne

August 2014

“This class was incredible! I was engaged and the classroom setting
was very very comfortable. I saw Barcelona, got help establishing a
life here and perfected my knowledge with English!”
Korey Neveau

August 2014

“Had a great time, would recommend it to anyone!”
Stewart Naismith

August 2014

"It has been one of the greatest months of my life, in probably the
greatest city I have ever been to. The course was great! I signed up for the TEFL in the U.S., not knowing how it would really be. Well, this program exceeded my expectations! The staff was amazingly helpful and the students were really nice, friendly and eager to learn!”
Beth Anderson

August 2014

“The TEFL program in Barcelona is a wonderful way to enjoy living in another country whilst learning how to teach English! Had a wonderful month exploring this beautiful city and attending interesting and relevant classes”.
Annie Mollet

August 2014

“TEFL International Barcelona has amazing instructors and prepares
you to teach new language learners in a real and practical way.
Thank you!”
Rachel Anderson

“The teaching practice is very helpful. I feel well prepared for
teaching English after taking this course.”
Margo Murphy
September 2014

“TEFL International Barcelona has been a fabulous experience. The
classes are fun, engaging, and highly effective. The faculty and
instructors are friendly, helpful and reliable. I would take this course over again, if I could and recommend it for everyone”.
Lacey Reefer

August 2014

“The TEFL program was the perfect transition to a new country and culture with great teachers, fun environment, great students (now
friends). A very credible program with well trained, experienced
and enthusiastic staff and teachers. It's like a family!”
Mallory Porter

August 2014

“This course was both informative and enjoyable. Great staff and
collaborative learning environment. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to get their heart broken by grammar and the City of Barcelona, in a good way!”

“TEFL course, wow, what a course!”

“Nice atmosphere, friendly and teachers willing to help you, makes
this course perfect. What's more, the location of the school is very convenient, lots of bars, shops, and pubs for a drinks and tapas after
classes. Taking a TEFL course in Barcelona is a brilliant idea. I
highly recommend it!”
Sylwia Durmowicz

August 2014

“Such a great course! Everything I have learned is so applicable to
teaching in the 'real world'.”
Claire Cook

August 2014

“Such a great course! Really good to have teachers who are working
in the field and can give you real life advice”.
Daniela Lloveras

August 2014

“I thought this class went very well, I like the way thjat it was structured. I really enjoyed the people who taught this course. Overall, I had a good time this month. I learned a great deal.
Jordan Metter

August 2014

“The cousre was great! I learned more than I ever thought I would”.
Kasey Rasmussen

August 2014

“TEFL International Barcelona opened up a lot of of doors for me
as a teacher and I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat! All the teachers are wonderful and it's a great way to meet like minded
Sumayyah Naguib

August 2014

“Such a great experience to step out of your comfort zone, try new things, test your limits and make great friends along the way!”
Coco Delph

August 2014

“I really enjoyed the course here at TEFL International Barcelona. It provided me with lots of opportunities to teach at different levels. I received constructive feedback each time which helped me to improve. If anyone is considering doing this course, I would highly recommend it”.
Claire McLaughlin

August 2014

“This TEFL course was so much more than a program! The classes
were so interactive and relevant, really preparing you for the real world! Through this class I have not only gained an English teaching certificate but confidence in myself!”
Hannah Williamson

August 2014

“TEFL International Barcelona provided a lot of hands-on experience during the course, which allowed me to immediately
apply what I was learning and shape my style as a teacher”.
Annika Miller

August 2014


“This is the ideal program and location to earn your TEFL certificate. The beautiful, energetic Catalan City of Barcelona,

Spain. The academic program is Top Quality and valuable for your success when teaching. I rate the program 'high end', intense and
Countee Troupe

August 2014


“Fun, engaging and insightful. Friendly learning environment and fantastic trainers.” 
Christopher Hindle 
May 2014


“The whole experience has been invaluable to me. If you want your TEFL experience to mean something - study here. The quality (and friendliness) of the trainers can't be matched!” 
Rebecca Wignall 
May 2014


“This course has given me an invaluable life skill and truly taught me how to begin a career teaching English. TEFL International Barcelona is an amazing place and I would highly recommend it to everyone I care about.” 
Ariel Navarro 
May 2014


“Thank you so much for a truly fantastic experience - I loved every minute of it! In fact the only bad thing I have to say it that it went by far too quickly! I would recommend this TEFL course - the trainers were so friendly an their teaching was exceptional. Thank you!” 
Leah Goldkorn 
May 2014


“This course can be challenging and rightfully so. It prepares trainees for the challenges of teaching through active participation. I'm now more confident in my ability to educate others. The material is presented in an approachable way by sympathetic and always helpful trainers. Overall, a valuable and essential course” 
Erica Sparks 
April 2014


“I have learnt so much throughout my time on the course and have met some lovely people. The trainers have been so supportive and I felt as though I could come to them for anything I needed help with.” 
Catherine Burns 
April 2014


“Taking this course was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I had a great experience. The trainers were great and the training was spot on. I definitely feel like I got my money's worth!” 
Tristan Bellisimo 
April 2014


“This course is super well-organised, it helps a lot to see the English language in all its glory. Each part of the course just fits together so nicely, Grammar, structure, teaching and all the rest.” 
Dorottya Makra 
April 2014


“This course was very enjoyable! Time flew by! The instructors were amazing and I feel confident that I'll have a successful career ahead of me. I can't praise the Instructors or the course enough!” 
Danielle Ciambruschini 
April 2014


“The best thing about the course is the trainers, Lisa and Jamie are fantastic teachers. I don't think this course would have been so beneficial if it had taken it elsewhere.” 
Daniel Manfredi 
February 2014


“I really enjoyed the course. Not only did it teach me so much but it was also fun. There is so much support available too. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is thinking about a career in teaching EFL” 
Ben Servian 
January 2014


“All the teachers were very friendly, they used various activities, games handouts drawings etc. The sessions were interesting and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed it!” 
Anastasia Korol 
November 2013


“Thanks for your emotional support and understanding. A+++, I loved it!” 
Susan Beck 
November 2013


“A nicely done, well-prepared course. Good interactions. A non stressful environment, friendly and helpful teachers.” 
Stylianos Frangeskou 
November 2013



“Best experience ever, got to learn a lot, felt completely supported throughout the whole month, met the nicest people, would do it all over again, it was absolutely worth it. I wouldn't change a thing. I wish it had been a couple weeks longer!” 
Danae Lebrero Diaz 
January 2013


“The best thing about the course was the Trainer Staff's knowledge, support and professionalism” 
Robert Pfohl 
January 2013


“I Really enjoyed this experience. The teachers are all so experienced and did offer very good insights to English and making comparisons across different cultures. Its something invaluable that I could never have learned if I hadn't been here in Barcelona.”
Lim Kwee Lee 
November 2012


“I have had an extremely positive experience in my TESOL class. The instructors have been so helpful inside and outside of the classroom and really care about the students. I would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking of teaching abroad.” 
Danielle Mabeus 
October 2012


“This was an unforgettable experience. My fellow classmates are some of the best people I know and I have been blessed to have met therm. The course was fun, challenging, and invigorating. We are well prepared after this course to step into the big world of TEFL!” 
Fianna Helou 
October 2012


“This course truly prepared me for a real-life teaching job. The instructors possessed expert knowledge in the field and were readily available to give suggestions and insight which catered to my every need. The learning environment was personal, genuine, and stimulating. I enjoyed every minute!” 
Haley Pangman 
October 2012


“I must say I NEVER thought I would have such a wonderful teaching experience as I did in January of 2011!  It started with my living arrangements with a wonderful person who has become my life-long friend in Barcelona.  I had the fortunate experience of learning with 11 energetic and supportive classmates (half my age).  The classes were very well organized and the teachers all had AMAZING teaching skills, and so excited to share their creativity and anecdotes they've experienced. The living and classroom experience gave me a confidence level I never knew I could achieve.  I attribute my success in the course  to my classmates and teachers who were wonderfully supportive with our assignments, our preparation for the future and the classroom teaching experiences EVERYDAY for the two week students.  The students we taught were wonderful and endearing and I loved the student evaluation time that was given after every teaching session.  The evaluating teachers were so supportive and thorough with their feedback of your skills that you could only improve with each experience.  They answered every question and gave you everything you needed to be successful.  I took this class to plan for my retirement in 4 years to enable me to travel and supplement my trips with a job.  In the meantime, I will be teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) at night to keep all that I learned fresh in my head.  I loved the experience for me but I also understand the ultimate value of doing this in your younger years.  Your world expands tremendously and allows you to appreciate other cultures and enjoy learning everything new around you.  I have promoted this course to my children, colleagues and friends.  Thank you all for a life-long wonderful experience I will NEVER forget.” 
Helen Fernandez 
January 2011



“I thought staff were good but they also threw you into teaching in the first few days which, although daunting,was the way to get you integrated. 

I enjoyed my experience here. the staff were very good and quite mixed in teaching also which helped everybody.the facilities were good and i learnt a great deal in a short space of time.” 
Billy Cobb 
February 2010


“The course well organized and had you teaching right away. It really helps you become confident and improve your teaching techniques. The course was also taught in a relaxed atmosphere, this helped me. 

I had a very good time interacting and meeting new and exciting people, while learning to become and effective ESL teacher.” 
Chad Trenney 
February 2010


“It is intense and you really get to learn how to teach English properly. The teachers are very knowledgeable and give a lot of feedback. 
It's a action packed four week course. It is a balance of working, trying to find work and having fun.” 
Taylor White 
January 2010


“The teachers are excellent. And the course is extremely comprehensive. 
As an older student this was a real challenge for me. But the teachers were all very supportive and encouraging.” 
Anne Gahl 
January 2010


“In my mind, the greatest strength of this course had to have been the instructors. They each had a different teaching style and were all quite effective in their own way. I appreciated this variation.” 
Todd Weeks 
January 2010



Ben Telthurst 
March 2009


“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to become qualified as an English teacher. The great thing was the teachers' enthusiasm and the relevance of the content to the actual teaching we performed.” 
Vincent Jeffrey 
March 2009


“Very intense but practical! Observation and teaching within the first week of the course allowed us to see quickly what was expected.” 
Ana Rosa Badillo 
March 2009


“You haven't tried it yet?? Come and do it!!!” 
Natalya Karamnova 
December 2008


“The tutors with their different personalities, who supported us through teaching experiences and exams, thanks so much! Additionally the fact that instead of just learning grammar and teaching method. I had a fantastic time and would strongly recommend this course to anyone!” 
Cai Jia Eng 
January 2010


“The trainers here are amazing. Lisa is such a great teacher and mentor. The other 4 trainers here are so kind and willing to help not only with course work, but with general questions about Barcelona. 
I have loved my time here. The trainers were just so great and really made learning horrible boring grammar fun and exciting!” 
Helen Marie Havnaer 
January 2010


“The professionalism of the teachers and the well managed content during input sessions. 
I had a wonderful time and would genuinely recommend the course to others wishing to obtain a TEFL qualification.” 

Hugh Corner

January 2010


“Definitely the teachers/trainers, all are extremely helpful and class is actually enjoyable. 
Great city, great school, great teachers, awesome experience.” 
Selina Herdman 
January 2010


“The teachers are very enthusiastic and helpful. They maintained professionalism while creating a very comfortable atmosphere. 
Awesome.. All around. I learned so much from them and met some really great people.” 
Gretchen Kirchmer 
January 2010


“I think that the best thing about the course was that it really prepares you for teaching. The teachers give you a strong foundation of grammar, as well as teaching methods. 
The TEFL experience has been wonderful. I got hands on training by amazing instructors, while I explored a new city and met a new group of best friends.” 
Danielle Galasso 
January 2010


“Too many to mention! Sense of humour of the trainers; the group of trainees I was a part of; the students with whom we were able to work/'practise' on; the immediate feedback from trainers. 
It was a shock to my system to be in the position of student after so many years of not studying, but the camaraderie, the laughs, the structure of the course, the very competent trainers,” 
Barbara Jowett 
November 2009


“This course has completely changed my life. I've met so many wonderful people who will be my friends forever and the course was very interesting and very stimulating.” 
Gavin Foster 
October 2009


“Lisa, Jamie and Jane! They were so warm and helpful. I learned so much from them.” 
Rachael Burrell 
October 2009


“The best thing about the course was meeting people from all parts of the world. I am glad I was able to work with such a wonderful group of people (staff and classmates).”
Geraldine Navarrette 
October 2009


“It was learning combined with fun.” 
Franzen David 
October 2009

“The best thing about the course was the supervised teaching experience. It is very helpful to have them their evaluating your performance and then give you feedback at the end of the lesson.” 
Carlos Nolasco 
September 2009


“The practical experience of teaching. Reinforcing grammar. Learning lots of new teaching techniques and games to use in class. Getting support re job guidance, interview skills etc. Jobs board.” 
Karen Kay 
September 2009


“The course material was presented in a way that was both fun and educational. I looked forward to coming to class each day and was impressed with all of the different ways lessons were taught.” 
Marybeth K. Ebel 
September 2009


“The wonderful teaching abilities of our instructors and the wealth of knowledge we have obtained! 
I have honestly had such a great experience with this program - the trainers really wanted us to succeed and gave us help when needed. The classes focused on relevant topics and the hours allowed us.” 
Christy Beck 
September 2009


“The best thing about the course was the variety of teacher personas. It showed that all types of people can be adapted to the TEFL method.” 
Brian E Agee 
September 2009


“The instructors were great, I felt like I learned a lot, and I feel completely prepared to start teaching ” 
Lindsey Vick 
September 2009


“The friendly attitude of the students and the teachers plus the location of the school, I loved every minute.” 
Joseph Hughes 
September 2009


“I think it was really beneficial to actually teach classes and receive constructive feedback from the trainers. The trainers are not only knowledgeable and helpful but all very nice and interesting people, and of course Lisa is brilliant and really knows what she's doing.”
Tabitha Learn 
August 2009


“The course was really fun yet at the same time incredibly useful, each different trainer has their own style and so the atmosphere is always exciting. The course allowed me to make some really good friends. The course has left me with a wealth of knowledge and the confidence to go into a classroom with nothing and still be able to teach a class.” 
Stuart Barlow 
August 2009


“I really enjoyed the teaching experience. It was tough, but I feel it really prepared me for the future if I do choose to pursue teaching English abroad. The instructors gave very helpful feedback and eased my nerves!” 
Michelle Sekiya 
August 2009


“The teaching practice and feedback. It was really good to be observed by the experienced teachers because they all gave different feedback which helped me progress. I loved teaching the students.” 
Marisa Hudlin 
August 2009



“The tutors. They are a great team who have a very good working relationship which is reflected by the quality of the course. They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly and I felt very supported throughout the course.” 
Kathryn Black 
August 2009


“The really really great teaching, along with brilliant feedback: I feel really prepared to be a teacher.” 
Anna Bentley 
July 2009


“The actual teaching time we received. The fact that we had 6 hours of teaching in a realistic, academic setting with feedback from experienced teachers gave me confidence and improved my teaching skills.” 
Jessie Akers 
July 2009


“Everyone in it (teachers and students). The teaching practice sessions. Lisa Girling's distinctive (sparkling) personality. Living in Barcelona. [not ranked by order] ” 


“I think the best thing was the trainer guidance throughout the course. I felt supported by teachers that really know grammar, and that was really encouraging.” 
Ann James 
June 2009


“Meeting people from around the world and getting a chance to help the community through teaching English.” 
Erin Foster 
June 2009


“I learned how to speak and be comfortable in front of a group of people. I not only learned how to teach effectively, but met amazing people and learned a lot about myself along the way.” 
Naomi Yulfo 
June 2009


“The friendly and inviting learning environment which Lisa created. The relaxed atmosphere in both the classroom and college facilities meant that my learning and experience of the course was to optimum standard. I feel that everyone benefits from this set up, from us as students to the local people who come in for free lessons. The nature of this set up means that the students being taught by ourselves are patient and grateful. This ultimately boosts confidence and enables us as new teachers to feel comfortable in this otherwise alien scenario.” 
Julia Tobin 
June 2009


“I really enjoyed preparing the lesson plans and teaching. The trainers did a good job of helping you in the beginning when you are still nervous about teaching, but then slowly backing off as the course went along and allowing you to do things yourself.” 
Logan Goutagny 
June 2009


“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot. I still have much to learn but feel prepared to start a career armed with so many resources and knowledge.” 
Mark Balthrop 
December 2008


“Taking the TEFL Course in Barcelona has proven to be one of the most unique learning experiences of my life and intellectually and culturally rewarding as well.” 
Joshua Rodriguez 
December 2008


“I had a lot of fun but they weren't joking when they said it was intensive!” 
Daniel Lejeune 
December 2008



"Best decision I have made in years, I now have the means to live the life I've always wanted to-working and living anywhere I want” 

Casey Pierce 
October 2008


“I gained useful information and tips on how to better teach students who are learning English as their second language. I believe the course helped me to become a more effective teacher.” 
Lesley Bross 
September 2008


“A thorough, intensive, comprehensive course held in a fabulous city. Hard work, but efficient and effective - after 4 weeks, you will be prepared and assisted to find work anywhere in the world.” 
Charlotte Nicholls 
September 2008


“An intense month, but I now feel ready to teach my first class on Monday with plenty of teaching ideas and a good knowledge of grammar!” 
Gemma Lunn 
August 2008


“I really enjoyed this experience. I learned a lot of new interesting ideas and concepts of grammar. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.” 
Tiffany Burdge 
August 2008


“We all felt relaxed and comfortable, which allowed for better teaching on our part. And also the ability to form lasting friendships with other classmates and the teachers. I loved it!” 

Megan Hart 
August 2008


“I would do it again!” 
Charif Shanahan 
August 2008


“The instructors were very beneficial, and the teaching practice was very helpful, and boosted my confidence in my own teaching skills. One of the best experiences I've had. Teaching was the best way to experience another culture, and I would highly recommend the course to others.” 
Leisel Powell 
July 2008


“The best thing about the course was entering the world of teaching in a fun way! And meeting lovely new people. It was all such fun and instructive.” 
Rachel Thomas 
May 2008


“Excellent. Highly recommend it. In fact, I have highly recommended it and you may be seeing one of my friends soon.....” 
Sam Mantle 
March 2008


“I thought the course was really well put together and I would definitely recommend it to someone who is thinking about teaching, whether to just travel or as a career. Well worth it!” 
Alexandra Malamud 
March 2008


“The Director and the trainers give you so much and fill you with the confidence you need to do a good job but at the same time you never lose your independence, they are fantastic teachers and I'll always remember them and this experience.Probably one of the most truly amazing and inspiring months of my life.” 
Paul Brearley 
March 2008


“It was very thorough, I feel prepared to teach all different levels and age groups. Also, the teachers were exceptional.”
Erin Fore 
March 2008


“Amazing!! It's hard work, obviously since everything is compacted into a month, but the experience is well worth it! ....the trainers make you welcomed and safe.” 
Mariam Al Koury 
March 2008


“Coming from the States with a current teaching license, I was afraid I would find the course rather basic but instead I found it a great representation of quality teaching and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn underneath these qualified teachers.” 
Rachel McDonald 
February 2008


“I've had to wait over 20 years to do a teacher training course and it's been worth the wait! It has given me the basic teaching skills I wanted plus the knowledge, conviction and motivation to develop them as far as I possibly can.” 
Lesley MacDonald 
February 2008


“The most challenging, intense, rewarding, exiting time of my life!!!!!!” 
Louise Ellis 
January 2008


“The best thing about the course Was the Professional and lucid teaching style of the course director and the trainers.” 
Garett Ballard-Rosa 
January 2008


“The best thing about the course was the Director, her guidance has been exceptional!Bring on the students baby! I'm ready!!” 
Theresa Moch 
January 2008


“Wow! What a great, intense course. I can't believe it went by so fast. I was very pleased with the experience.” 
Tom Alholm 
April 2007


“An intense course in an intense city. Fun all round!”
Daan Bartlema, Ireland 
February 2006


“My experience at the Barcelona TEFL Course was amazing! The course was intense and exciting while the staff provided an abundant amount of knowledge, advice, guidance and support. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to teach English as a foreign language.” 
Nicole Pomeroy, USA 
August 2005


“Well set out and very organized. You can feel yourself improving”
Robert de Smidt, Australia
August 2005


“This is a very professional, enjoyable course that a future or current teacher can gain something valuable from. Go for it!”
Kristen Weaver, USA
August 2005


“It has been a great experience with great teaching and new doors have opened”
Marcia Murray, Venezuela
August 2005


“This course was a lot of hard work

but it was also the best four weeks I’ve ever spent anywhere! Sun, new friends and knowledge all at once. What more could you ask?!” 
Leann Russell, USA 
July 2005


“Thanks for a great four weeks in Barcelona. Incredible how competence and confidence can build and grow in just 4 weeks. A credit to the organisation and skills of those involved in running this course.”
Gareth Jones, UK
June 2005

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