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Original Version Cinema´s in Barcelona


It is a sad fact the the vast majority of films shown in Barcelona are dubbed. As teachers

we morn the chance for real listening opportunities for our students, but apart from that I

HATE dubbed films. I always want to see a film in its original version, with Spanish/Catalan

subtitles ok, but I want to hear the original actor's voice. I'm sorry, but George Clooney

speaking Catalan is NOT the same!

Here are some cinemas that do V.O (Original Version) films:

Yelmo Icària

Calle Salvador Espiriu, 61

El Centre de la Vila

Port Olimpic

08005 Barcelona, España.

Metro: Ciutadella Vila Olimpica (Yellow Line, L4)

Cines Verdi Barcelona

Calle Verdi, 32

08012 Barcelona, España.

Metro: Fontana (Green Line, L3)

Renoir Floridablanca

Calle Floridablanca, 135

08015 Barcelona, España.

Metro: Estació Sant Antoni (Purple Line, L2)

But I particularly wanted to mention the sadly lesser known

Filmoteca de Catalunya

Plaça de Salvador Seguí, 1,

08001 Barcelona, España

Liceu (M: L3)

This has all original version films from all over the world. It shows some classics, some

films you've never heard of and art films. If you're a film buff it's the place for you. It also

only costs 3€ a ticket. I bought my foreign art film obsessed husband a year long free

entrance ticket last year, 90€ and he could go to every film shown if he wanted. (He

doesn't, I'm relieved to say!)

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