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TEFL International Barcelona (member of the TEFL International family) is a reputable and established English teacher training center located in one of the most vibrant and sought after cities in Europe. Our goal is to provide you with the confidence and necessary tools for you to teach English to the world.


TEFL International Barcelona's team of experienced and highly qualified trainers will help you to develop your individual strengths while building momentum so the transition from training to classroom is as smooth as possible. Our methodology is simple and practical: build a solid foundation, work together to create engaging lessons, observe, teach, improve and grow.


It is an intensive month, but don't worry: there is plenty of free time for you to meet people from other cultures, discover why Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe and make lasting memories.


Take a look at our Job Help section to learn more about the many opportunities in Barcelona and the rest of the world.  There has never been a better time to teach English in Barcelona. 


Teaching English is a fun and rewarding career whether you are taking a year out, financing global travels, exploring a second career or simply enjoying the experience of taking the course.


Once qualified, you will find that a whole new world opens up to you giving you the perfect opportunity to experience different cultures, enjoy unforgettable moments and make many lifelong friends along the way, all whilst following a professional career.



Internationally accredited, recognised and renowned certificate to teach English to the world.


TEFL in Barcelona is a proud member of the TEFL International family. One of the world´'s largest TESOL/TEFL course providers with a network of more than 30 training centers in 22 different countries.


All trainers are equipped with masters in teaching EFL or equivalents and are very passionate about their jobs.


Challenging and enjoyable courses in one of Europe's most beautiful and exciting cities.


Real classroom teaching experience for all levels from day one to give you the tools to hit the ground running. 


On-site Job Guidance that does not end when you finish the course. We are here to help as long as you need us.


Read why our graduates consistently give our course a high rating.

Why TEFL International Barcelona?

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