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Teaching young learners can be a daunting prospect for both new and experienced teachers, but is one of the most rewarding fields of English teaching.


This course starts with an introduction to the ages and stages of young learners. Participants learn about the characteristics of each age group, what they can do, and how they learn.


Packed with practical lesson ideas, the course covers songs, story telling and arts and crafts for very young learners, project work for teenagers and the all-important areas of classroom management and motivation.


At the end of the course, participants get the chance to plan their own young learner class to teach it to other attendees and receive feedback from the tutor.


The course consists of 12 hours of sessions that include:

  • Ages and stages of development to maximize learning styles

  • Classroom management and discipline

  • Motivating young learners

  • Great games, drama, role-play, song, story telling, arts and crafts for primary age children

  • Course books, materials and resources

  • Project work, web quests and blogs for teens

  • Online resources and teaching sites

  • Learning styles

  • Building up a teaching sequence

  • Lesson planning and peer-teaching


In addition to these sessions there will be an 8 hour online component which can be completed as and when participants wish.


NB: This course will only run if there are sufficient participants.

Young Learners Extension Course

Application Process


To apply for either the Teaching Business English or Teaching Young Learners Extension Courses please contact us, including a brief summary of your experience and qualifications and reasons for wanting to take the particular Extension Course/s.


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