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"All Things Grammar" & "Teach English in Barcelona" eBooks

Upon making the deposit and applying directly through this site for the course you will recieve 2 eBooks.


The first being "All Things Grammar," written by our director, Lisa Girling. This eBook covers all of the grammar points covered in the class. It serves as not only a guide for the course, but as a great resource for your first few months of teaching.


The second is a 3-part eBook called "Teach English in Barcelona." It was written by our staff as a way to provide you with as much information about finding a job and working in Barcelona as possible, in addition to ideas on where to go, where to live and where to eat.


The book was designed to make your transition as easy as possible and for you to maximize your time in Barcelona.


Below is the table of contents so you can get an idea of what the book covers. 


"Teach English in Barcelona"

Table of Contents

Part 1

Chapter 1: Introduction (page 1-2)

Chapter 2: FAQ´s "Overall Teaching Information and Job Market" (page 3-7)

Chapter 3: CV Guidance and Cover Letter Advice (page 7-12)

  • CV expectations in Spain

  • Description of each necessary section

  • Cover Letters Tips

Chapter 4: Types of Teaching Jobs (page 13-18)

  • Introduction

  • Academy work

  • Business classes

  • Private classes

  • Brokers

Chapter 5: How to Get a Job (page 19-27)

  • How to get academy work

  • ​Most effective way to apply

  • Tips and ideas to stand-out from the competition

  • How to get private classes

  • ​How to make a profile that gets attention

  • How to make effective announcements

  • How to get contracted to teach Business English

  • How to create an online profile that gets results

  • Advertising tips

Chapter 6: Interview Skills, Tips and Top 20 Interview Questions (page 27-36)


Part 2

Chapter 1: Barcelona DayTrips & the "Top 10 Festivals" in Cataluña

Chapter 2: Places to Live

Chapter 3: 100+ Restuarant Recommendations from our team and our graduates


Part 3

Chapter 1: Barcelona Language Academy List and Key Websites

Chapter 2: How to Properly Utilize the School List


We hope you enjoy the information in the book as much as we have enjoyed gathering it. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to this city we are lucky enough to call home. 


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